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With a back catalogue bursting at the seams, this pair of true crime fanatics have covered everything
from murder and mayhem in the quintessentially English village Maids Moreton, to the devastating
fire at the Stardust nightclub in Dublin which claimed 48 lives in 1981.

When they first met as colleagues back in 2013, it didn’t take long for Mark and Bethan discover
they shared a passion for all things true crime. They would regularly spend their lunch breaks
discussing topical true crime stories making the news, sharing their thoughts and theories, often so
deep in conversation that they would forget to eat their lunch!

After a successful campaign of persuasion, Mark convinced Bethan they should start a
true crime podcast in 2018 and Seeing Red was born, its name founded in the
angry mist which descends on all of us from time to time, although usually with far less
brutal consequences than the subjects featured on the podcast.

From its humble origins, the show has gone on to become an international hit with over six million
downloads and a growing army of listeners from the US to Iraq, to the UK.

The pair are loved by their listeners for their unique style and natural banter, and the way in which

they balance their humour with always remembering the victims first and foremost.

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Mark Randell

Mark's fascination with true crime began when he was allowed to stay up late to watch Crimewatch as a seven-year-old in the 80’s – his mum considered this her public duty. Many years, and a lot of
therapy later, Mark’s interest in true crime remains unabated and somewhat unsurprisingly, he finds himself particularly drawn to cases from the 1980’s.
Alongside his role as co-host and co-producer of Seeing Red, Mark works in financial services as a manager. In his spare time you will likely find him down the pub or on a sun-kissed beach devouring
a crime fiction novel.

Bethan Trueman

Bethan grew up reading Agatha Christie novels, and watching television shows like Johnathan Creek and Midsomer Murders, and is still an avid consumer of crime fiction, although now being a mother of two her opportunities to do so are more limited.

Alongside her work at Seeing Red, biker chick Bethan works in finance and lives with her husband, their daughters and their three cats. She likes to say she has no spare time, but somehow she always finds time to start a new craft idea!

Bethan's debut true crime book was released in 2021: The New Millenium Serial Killer, co-authored with Chris Clark.

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